Benefits of Digital Locker and Use of Digital Locker

digital lockerDigital Locker is one of best initiative by the Prime Minister so that we can make india more digital but as usual many people will don’t know how to use that so we have taken initiative to provide some useful information about the digital locker. Every year millions of students take admission in various education institution, college and schools so to provide document or keeping it safe is some time it is very tough task because people don’t know where they keep that or some time they lost that. So central government come up with new solution of that to make all document digital so that you can access anytime anywhere.

I know you are thinking about how it works and how do we upload or access our document though this so here we are giving some this how you work with digital locker. If you want to use digital locker then you must register or login of that through the official website link. Upload the all document with scanned copy or if you university all ready registered with digital locker then it all ready shown in your account. Now you must keep you user id and password safe and never share with anyone.

The use of digital locker is very simple and o in this way. If you are taking admission in any institution or in any colleges the show you document through the digital locker or take print out through that and after that give where it needs. Sometime it difficult because some institution not take but you just tells benefits about that and definitely they will accept your document. Many people of adopting digital locker and you also adopt and use it is safe and secure but you should try to keep account safe so that no one will misuse your account. If you want any other information then feel free to comment we are here to help you.

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