Cast Certificate and benefits in taking government jobs

Caste Certificate

Cast Certificate, It has lot of value in india. So here, we will explain about that so that you will understand that why it has lot of value that the many other certificate. But first you must know why it is issued and what the cast certificate is. India is divided in various casts and creeds, many casts living below poverty line and many in vary backword category so recognised that category government publish or issued the cast certificate. This certificated will be issued by the state government to those individuals who apply that card. Students and people who got this they will lot of benefits from the government jobs as well as in many other places so know the benifits and other things about the Cast Certificate and income certificate.

Cast certificate is very easy to apply and get in few days but how. Here, we are explaining the whole procedure about that. So aspirants now to get cast certificate is very easy just go the digital centre like pragya and many other which is established by the state government and fill the all application details and submit. Wait few days to getting the process done and now your cast certificated will be delivered on your address. You can also get on the centre where you applied. Most important part is how to get benefits or how to take benefits of Cast certificate so here the list of that check and enjoy the government benefits.

Cast Certificate Benefits Lists  

  • Cast certificate has many types like Cast Certificate for SC, ST or OBC
  • SC, ST and OBC Cast certificate holders get benefits in state as well as central government jobs
  • Candidate gets 3 to 10 year age relaxation in all the examination.
  • These candidate gents more chance in UPSC as well as state PSC
  • These aspirants gets free railway travelling tickets for the railway examination
  • They also gets fees concession in the IIT, NIT and in Hospital charges

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