Free Legal Consultation at 1000 CSC’s in Bihar & Uttar Pradesh

tele lawOne of the greatest scheme are initiated by the central government of India is free legal consultation. It is one the best initiative and it is started currently in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Currently it is started on all Common Service Centre in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. All people should know about that so that they can able to get maximum benefits through that government scheme. So here, we are going to describe the whole details regarding the free legal consultation of government initiative. So this initiative is taken in this way that government should minimized the cost of legal procedure by getting right knowledge through the expert consultants.

Aim of Government from Tele Law

As you know that many millions case are pending in Indian court and to reduce the number of court this will very help full so you should know how it will effects your life. Through this scheme currently 500 CSC operating centre will provide free legal consultation through the telecommunication.

The main objective of this scheme is to provide free consultation and advise to poor and most required persons across the India but currently started from the Bihar and Uttar Pardesh after the successful implementation of that they will open and provide facilities to across the different parts of India.

This scheme is implemented by Law and Justice Ministry with the partnership of Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology to provide legal consultations through CSC’s at panchayat level. Under this initiative free law consultation will be provided so you will not pay single pasia to the any CSC operator for this service.

Your question, confusion and any other things will be answered by the expert of layers of panel of lawyers. So you can able to raise any type of question through this Tele Law service from your nearest CSC centre. After the success of this scheme they want to expand these things through the law school clinics, District Legal Service Authorities, voluntary service providers and Non-Government Organizations working on legal aid and empowerment of CSC’s to strengthen the initiative.

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