Hassles free payment through the Aadhar Card and Mobile Number

Indian government is moving towards the cashless economy but there are lot of hurdles in its way. But after demonetization of old currency, Indian government concurrently developing and payment platform which works for the people without the pan card and other credentials.

As you know more than 40 crore indian ownbanner02ed Aadhar card so government is pushing these identity proof to all of Indian. As per this process they making lacks of aadhar card daily basis so that people will use that in day by day life.

Government also took stand and making a platform which make digital transaction through the aadhar card like Bhagya Laxmi Yojana, students scholarship scheme and other and mobile number on this process and they will working since last two to three year but now it is in final stage. So we all expect it will soon come on public usage. Currently it is on testing phase.indian-banks

If this process will come on the market then more than fifty percent Indian will easily adopt the online payment system through this process government will achieve some target which is good for the country.


Government is planning to attach each and every things through the digital medium so that more and more people will access and it is safe for the user as well as country.  These Biometric Identification Systems are playing key role in the making of cash less transaction.

So user should be prepare for this upcoming advance technology which is making easy to all system so you should learn about that if you don’t know about otherwise you will face lot off problem.

Government also increasing authentication capacity of AEPS and NPCI is 10 crore, which will be eventually raised to 40 crore, the CEO said which enables merchants or shopkeepers to go cash less payments. There are lot of works to be done.

We all are welcoming this move because this is the country needs if we all want to become progressing Indian.  We all should help in this country finance revolution so share this information so that more and more people will understand about that.

You and we help is increasing the awareness across the country so that educated as well as uneducated people also understand the current situation.

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