Housing Scheme For Fourth Grade Employee of Bihar Government

Housing scheme for fourth grade peopleBihar government is going to give some major relief or support to fourth grade employee and for that they soon announcing on the New Housing Scheme for Fourth Grade Employee. It is specially for fourth grade employee and in this budget they have allotted lot of money for this scheme. So now you will know about detailed information about the Bihar Housing Scheme for fourth grade employee.

This is for all fourth grade employee who is doing services in any bihar govt department. But who are in any private company they are not eligible in this scheme. But anyone who are doing jobs in semi Bihar Government department or organistaion they must be eligible in this scheme. So all fourth grade employ should decide in which category you fall and it it available for you or not and join in Bihar Housing initiative.

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You will get some broad idea in 2017-2018 budget in which they had allotted lot of money in different project and as per that in this project they had provided Rs. 14,555 crore for development of different sectors. In that total 900 crore are for fourth grade housing scheme for fourth grade employee. As per the latest government data shows that lot of people are showing interest in that scheme so if you are looking to take some advantage then you must apply through the official website.

As per bihar budget 2017-2018, bihar education department is at the top in the list with the allocation pegged at Rs 14,217 crore, of the total outlay, followed by rural development with an allocation of Rs 9,725 crore, rural works (Rs 8,516 crores), energy ( Rs 6,795 crore), social welfare (Rs 5,949 crore), road construction (Rs 5,703 crore), health (3,567 crore) and urban development (Rs 2,734 crore).

In this way this year Bihar government is going to invest some money and you also gone through the Bihar budget. So if you have any inquary in this scheme then feel free to comment and ask any quary related this scheme. We are here to help you out so that you will get maximum benefits through this scheme.

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