Linking Aadhar Card with Bank Account, Mobile Number, Pan Card and Other Places

Aadhar Identity process is world’s largest identity system which opted by more than one billions Indian. There are lot of new schemes and new will come every day so each and every Indian must know about that. But on this post we will discuss about Process of Linking aadhar card with Bank Account, Mobile Number, Pan Card and Many other government systems. Lot of people are looking to know about the answer of this question so we thought that it is good to create one individual post and in which we have to incorporate all the inf9ormtaion related to that.

Why Government wants to Link aadhar card with other Government id or else?

This is one of the most feared question has invoke in the mind of Indian so first you must know why government wants this? People who are earning in India mostly wants to save all money and they don’t want to pay Income tax and other taxes so government to catch all tax evaders who are making money by saving black money which is actually a Taxed Money.  So people who has less income or paying taxes as per government rules or general people they don’t need to worry about that.

How to lInk Aadhar Card?

Things need before linking aadhar card to any government documents.

  • First you need to have verified aadhar card if you not have then you must apply for aadhar card or you can see many other online website which is giving proper instruction of aadhar making process, checking aadhar card status etc. You can also visit this website for more help regarding the aadhar card.
  • You must keep all documents like aadhar card, Bank details, Mobile Number and other documents which need
  • You have right website where they allow to linking their account like to link bank account with aadhar card, you must login to that bank account and inside they have given details to link aadhar card.
  • The IT department has given link to add PAN Card with aadhar card, EPFO, Land Department and all other department has given link to aad the things.

Steps to Link Aadhar to Government Documents

So here comes very simple and easy process in which we are giving a simple solution to link aadhar card with pan, Bank account, passport and other information.

  • First you should open the respective document’s online website like for pan card you should open IT department website.
  • After that you will search the link for “link aadhar card with bank account
  • After that fill the details with proper information like aadhar card, document details, and other stuff
  • Now you should submit the application form and wait for few days
  • In few days, it you aadhar linking account will done and you are no worries for linking aadhar card
  • In this way, you can link the aadhar with any other documents

If you still have confusion related to linking of aadhar to any documents then you can able to comment and we are here to help you.

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