Marriage Certificate, Benefits of Marriage Document

Matrimony certificate jpgMarriage Certificate is issued for all those people who has did marriage but many people don’t know the value and importance of that document but we are sharing some important importance about the Marriage certificate so know before you apply for the Marriage Certificate. Now a day it is important to all groom and bride to make marriage certificate so that they will use in any government as well as private works. Marriage certificate is provide and approved by Indian court when you apply for that either you apply through online or offline. So if you want to apply online then you should visit court website and apply through that.

After applying for marriage certificate, you should appear in court with husband and wife with the five known people and all those people will authenticate to the both of you after that court will give to marriage certificate. People must check all the names as well as data in the certificate so that you will not get any trouble in the future. If your marriage certificate has some error then correct through the applying correction form. Your marriage certificate will be available after the 24 hours of making so in the below section we are telling about the usage of marriage certificate.

The use of marriage certificate is vital and in many places so here you will see the name of those places where you can use the certificate. It is used on the basis of Indian law. So the list of places are:-

  1. You can add you wife name in your bank account as a nominee
  2. You can also do with lic, property or any financial things
  3. Marriage certificate also used for the passport and visa application
  4. For the use of any embassy, you must provide the registered marriage certificate
  5. Through this certificate your spouse can able to claim for the money any misshapenness things happen.

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