PAN Card Published With new feature and security feature

pan card in new look

PAN Card is become more valuable now days in india after the demonization of the Indian Currency. The currency demonetization has changed lot of things in india specially in the financial system and it effects in banking, PAN Card and many other system. Due to that all the government as well as private places are looking to change the system and upgrade the system. So government is also upgrading much old established system and providing some new things for the public so that they will use that in very convenient way. Government is also upgrading the PAN Card and publishing in very new way with latest feature. So here you will check what are the new feature added in the Permanent Account Number Card.

Government wants to secure the PAN card from the digital hacker and the people who theft that so they have added the many new feature. They will soon announce the new and modified PAN Card for the users so that they can use that card without any hesitation. But people must award about the what are the changes did by the government and PAN card issuing offices. So you should read the blow given points for the more details. This list will be very help full and knowledgeable for the PAN Card users.

Important Changes happened in the PAN Card  

  • Government did changes according to digital way so that they will work in the all places.
  • They have inserted on memory chip which stored all the data related to the person who belongs to that.
  • This feature also help in digitization of our country
  • It also helps India in making a digital country which is dream of our country.
  • It comes in very new and attractive color but shape and size are same as per previous of that.
  • This feature will help in anti theft and also avoid to making duplicate of that.

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