What is PAN Card and how it is Useful for You ?

PAN Card or 1113664PAN Number is very important documents for Indians if you are Indian citizen then you must have knowledge about that. PAN Card is popular as a Permanent Account Number which is issued by the Income Tax department of India. It is used for the financial transaction purpose and it also called to transaction account. That means if you are doing any transaction through that account you will be traced by this number. Government will trace the all account through the PAN Number so any hoimagesw you will not hide your transaction from the government. So if you don’t have PAN number then you should apply through the official website of Income Tax department. Some know ask why it is necessary for the people who don’t do daily transaction and not do much big transaction through its account. If you are in finical system then you should must have PAN Number because through the all these account government trace the money flow and black money flow so that people who make black money they will not able to do that. So if you don’t have the Pan Number then you should apply through the official website any time and you will receive in 30 days at you address. As per the current situation you must have that because if you will do transaction more than the 50k then you should provide the PAN Card details.

How it is Useful for You ?

Many people are unaware about the above qu2-e-fillingestion but here we are provide the answer related to that question so the you will get clear picture about that. Necessity of pan card:

  • When you open account they will ask for the pan number and without that bank will not open any account so you must have that account.
  • Whenever you do transaction more than 50k, they will ask for the PAN Number so you must have PAN Number.
  • If you buy ant policy, plot, flat and my big financial transaction they will demand PAN Number.
  • So you must have pan number as per you identity details
  • Don’t use two PAN Number otherwise you will face very serious problem when the ED will catch you

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