Room Owner must provide Rent Agreements to all Renters

India Birth CertificateRent agreement is now a day necessary for all the people who wants to rent its room someone and it is order given by the Supreme Court as well as the central government and people who took rent they also must have this type of agreements. So here we are giving the information about the Rent agreement so that house owner as well as room owner will get benefits from this. Some time police also say that you must have Rent agreement if you are renting the room of anything so that you know the person shoes you are renting. How you make that and what is the benefits of that are given in the below of this section.

So if you are planning to rent your room to someone then you must provide the Room Agreement to the renter so how you will do that so the rent agreement you must take the all necessary document from the renter like identity card, voter ID card, aadhar card, one passport size photo, Address Proof and all the other information which is required for the rent agreement and take the 10, 20 or 50 Rs stamp paper and write the all things which you are providing to the renter and paste the picture with address in the stamp paper and take signature of the renter as well as you should also provide on that.

Benefits and Usage of the Room Rent

  • For the any murder time and for any terrorism or any miss hapenness work they will help in making you right.
  • It is easy for you to identify the room renter in better way.
  • Renter person also took lot of benefits like taking mobile number, making bank account and many other things
  • If you are government employee then you must provide the rent information for the tax benefits.

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